Marketing Coach UK Coronavirus Risk Assessment

After reviewing the risk to health due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic Marketing Coach UK have implemented the following the controls to protect the health and safety of consultants, clients and suppliers.


Consultants are required to work from home.

All client meetings to be conducted virtually.

All supplier and networking meetings to be conducted virtually.

Consultants are aware of UK Government Guidance on social distancing and are required to follow the guidance.


Only in exceptional circumstances; if virtual client meetings are not possible the following measures will apply:


Meetings will take place outside either at Marketing Coach UK location, or public space.

Social distancing guidelines to be followed by attendees.

Consultant to travel to meetings in their own vehicle.

Avoid the use of public transport.

Wash hands regularly or where this is not possible use hand sanitizer.


Marketing Coach UK will review control measures implemented inline with UK Government guidelines and update the above as appropriate.